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With the US Supreme Court ruling in the LGBT community’s favor, we invite you to venture beyond your own state. Better yet go beyond your own nations border, where LGBT weddings is nothing new! Dreaming of a wedding ceremony in foreign lands? On a Cruise ship at sea? How about at 30,000 feet in the air!

The sky is no longer the limit

local weddings

Some may argue about destinations here stateside, but from what we gathered, here are the top ten for now:

1. O’ahu, HI (especially around Waikiki and Maui)

2. San Francisco, CA

3. New York City, NY

4. Boston, MA

5. Seattle, WA

6. Aspen, CO

7. Key West, FL

8. New Orleans, LA

9. Chicago, IL

10. Newport, RI

international weddings

Internationally these destinations stood out, from what we found, here are the top ten for now:

1. Buenos Aires, Argentina

2. Cape Town, South Africa

3. Tahiti

4. Queenstown, New Zealand

5. Reykjavik, Iceland

6. Vancouver, BC, Canada

7. Amsterdam, Netherlands

8. Barcelona & Sitges, Spain

9. Paris, France

10. Copenhagen, Denmark

Share your thoughts… if you think we’re missing a great destination

We appreciate your opinion

What we can help you with for your wedding:

1. We organize the event and venue

2. We book your wedding entourage aboard the same flight or charter an exclusively plane for you

3. We book Room reservations in the property of your choice

4. We find the best local photographer or fly them in

5. We find the best local florist to decorate

6. We find the best local musicians and PA equipment to make your ceremony and wedding party wonderful

7. We find locally licensed ministers or those who can legally officiate a wedding

Fill out our simple form below and we will contact you soon to find out more details. When we reach agreements, there will be some signatures and a disclaimer we trust you will agree upon.

We look forward to making your special day even more extraordinary and unforgettable no matter where you choose to host it! Do you want us to help you with your Honeymoon as well. Please check our Honeymoon page for more information. There is so much information to show,  we welcome you to contact us for more information about other tours, cruises, and availabilities.

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