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Global Village Florida

While every Global Village trip is different; you can expect to gain once-in-a-lifetime experiences and memories. Itineraries are balanced with plenty of work, rest and free time. During your trip, you will do more than help build houses―you will become part of the local community and participate in cultural activities.

Global Village Portugal

Poverty housing in Portugal is spread throughout the country, with two distinctive kinds of housing: “hidden poverty,” typical Portuguese houses with a small orchard that hides the poor housing conditions, and the obvious shacks of the big cities. Since the 1970s, Portugal has been the destination country for immigrants from the former Portuguese colonies and Brazil and more recently, for immigrants from former Soviet Union countries. The need for housing is growing, especially in the urban areas of the country.

Global Village China

Join a Global Village trip and contribute to Habitat’s work to create positive change in the world. You’ll learn about poverty housing, development challenges and Habitat’s mission to eradicate them. You’ll experience the community’s culture, language and social practices while working alongside homeowners and volunteers of all backgrounds, races and religions. You’ll take part in a transformative, lifelong journey that may ignite your passion for making this world a better place.

Global Village Kenya

Whether you want to build houses with vulnerable populations in Africa or healthy kitchens in Central America, repair apartments in Asia Pacific or strengthen U.S. communities, Global Village will provide you with a meaningful construction project, like-minded teammates, access to the local culture and excellent support. Dispatch to Kenya, the cultural and economic heartbeat of Africa, and partner with Habitat for Humanity to build housing solutions for elderly people in need. Many families served by this project are caring for orphaned grandchildren, so the improvements you make will last for generations.

Global Village Hawaii

Join a volunteer trip to one of the most beautiful destinations in America. On this Global Village trip, you’ll help a family obtain a safe, decent and affordable home and experience Hawaii’s gorgeous landscape and rich culture. Come to the island of Kaua'i and explore!

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