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light get

Photo Credit: Gulfstream 160

Light Jet

Light jets, among the smallest private planes, and they can travel up to two hours on a nonstop flight. Light jets are the most economical if you’re only traveling a short distance. Planes of this type have low engine sound and can reach speeds of up to 500 miles per hour.

Passengers: Five to eight passengers comfortably.


Photo Credit: Textron Aviation Inc


The advantage is reducing your travel time from point to point, enabling you to be more efficient or leave more time to spend with family and friends. A helicopter can avoid traffic congestion, landing close to the nearest airport, and connect for longer journeys.

Passengers: Two to four ususally.

Super Midsize

Photo Credit: Textron Aviation Inc. Hawker 4000

Super Midsize

Super mid-size jets are allowed to take off and land at both small, local airports, and larger international airports. Super mid-size jets are designed with all of the luxury and amenities of larger private jets. Super mid-size jets can fly transcontinental flights.

Passengers: up to 9

Turbo Prop

Photo Credit: Textron Aviation Inc.

Turbo Prop

Turbo prop planes are smaller than most private jets and fly for up to four hours nonstop. Turbo prop planes are strong and easily maneuverable enough to handle short, rough runways that larger jets cannot.

Passengers: They can comfortably hold five to eight passengers.

Midsize Jet

Photo Credit: Textron Aviation Inc. Hawker 400XPR

Midsize Jet

Mid-size jets are a slightly larger option. Even with the larger cabin and luggage space, they are capable of flying from coast to coast within the United States, with a maximum of seven hours of flight time.

Passengers: Mid-size jets are designed to accommodate six to eight passengers.

Heavy Jet

Photo Credit: Boeing Business Jet 737

Heavy Jet

The jets have first-class seating with full pull-out tabletops and can even contain private sleeping areas. These jets tend to be converted Boeing and Airbus type aircraft.

Passengers: Heavy jets can accommodate an average of 10 passengers comfortably.

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Jillion Trip Ltd. provides marketing and other services related to private air charter brokerage. Company DOES NOT operate or own aircraft. Rather, Jillion Trip Ltd. makes use of Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR) Part 135 direct air carriers. Air carriers exercise full operational control of flights at all times. Jillion Trip Ltd. can provide air charter quotes based on our trusted partners, who are qualified, tested, certified, and their equipment’s are up to standard, tested, proven reliable by Wyvern and other sources. Full disclaimer is e mailed along with a quote when we respond to your request.

Please note, average costs of flights vary by type of aircraft requested, time in the air, departure city, destination airport, supply and demand. Average costs start at around $2,500 per hour and go up from there, depending upon equipment and time displaced from home airport. Please see our Terms & Conditions for further information regarding pricing, cancellation, and refund policy.

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